What is Life Coaching?

12 Oct 2017, Posted by Charity Funk in Coaching, Health, Life, Stress

Coaching is taking highly functioning people to the next level.

Coaching is looking at our thinking and the mind and the effects it has on our behaviour.

Tony Robbins says, “The fundamentals of life coaching are what distinguish it from therapy. Life coaches do not diagnose, while therapists determine illnesses and pathologies so they can be clinically treated. Therapists analyze their client’s past as a tool for understanding present behaviors, whereas life coaches simply identify and describe current problematic behaviors so the client can work to modify them.  “A life coach would be able to offer guidance by clarifying and achieving personal and professional goals; creating business plans; working to improve communication skills; achieving financial independence and security; achieving a work/life balance; starting a new business or growing a current business. A therapist, on the other hand, focuses their conversation on ways to recover from past traumas; explore why past relationships have been destructive; work through depression or anxiety that affect your ability to function at home or work; survive a divorce or loss of a loved one.”

“Coaching asks, ‘What is next?'” And, “Therapy asks, ‘Why?’

Coaching helps clients design their life. Therapy resolves issues.

You can see that coaching essentially assumes that the client is okay and is full of potential, whereas therapy assumes the client is ‘sick’ or ‘dysfunctional’ and needs to heal them so they can function ‘normally’.”

Life coaching provides the solution for many of us who are highly functioning, and yet still suffering.

And life coaching is for people who aren’t nonfunctioning, but still suffering and still need help and still need perspective. And that’s where life coaching can come in, because of our environment, because of the way that our brain has evolved and what we’re up against, life coaching is needed more than ever.

And as my coach and teacher, Brooke Castillo, puts its,  “if you are someone that is out there that isn’t investing in your mental health, if you’re not in therapy, if you don’t have a life coach, if you’re not spending time investing in your health, you will be, in my belief system, you will be completely left behind in terms of your ability to cope. Because the options are just getting more and more and more.  And if you’re not paying attention to your brain and deliberately thinking on purpose, you will get swept up into the messages that are constantly being put into your brain. And if you’re haphazard about that, you may end up being somewhere you don’t want to be.”

Take the time to invest in yourself, in your life, in who you are and what you have the potential of being.  Move to the next level of your life.

One of my clients just said to me last night “my entire life I have done every kind of therapy out there, this last 6 months of life coaching has changed not only who I am but what my life looks like”.

It’s time to get a life…coach 😉




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