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The Anti-Stress Hormone

14 Nov 2017, Posted by Sara Siedleski in Hormones, Stress

Cortisol. People call it the stress hormone. It’s really the anti-stress hormone. The ‘how you deal with stress’ hormone. The ‘conquer the challenge’ you are facing right now hormone. Historically high levels were reserved for life or death issues, as in the ‘fight or flight’…

What is Life Coaching?

12 Oct 2017, Posted by Charity Funk in Coaching, Health, Life, Stress

Coaching is taking highly functioning people to the next level. Coaching is looking at our thinking and the mind and the effects it has on our behaviour. Tony Robbins says, “The fundamentals of life coaching are what distinguish it from therapy. Life coaches do not…

Can Allergies Start During Pregnancy?

16 Aug 2017, Posted by Samantha Boswell in Allergies, Pregnancy

Allergies. Food Sensitivities. Sometimes they just come out of nowhere. Here you’re going along in your life, never having a reaction to eating eggs or pineapple and suddenly your tongue is swelling or you notice a new rash appear. And what’s more puzzling is that…

4 Tips for Chemical-Free Living

12 Jul 2017, Posted by Samantha Boswell in Health, Pregnancy, Uncategorized

Is chemical-free living even important? Does it really matter what you’re putting onto your body, your face, what you’re cleaning your house with or breathing in the air? If you visit the Environmental Working Group’s website you’ll learn that “one of every 24 women, 4.3…