about winnipeg nutritions team

Sara Siedleski

Sara is the owner of Winnipeg Nutrition. She practices Functional Medicine as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.  Her passion is to see people reach their full potential by using diet, exercise, lifestyle changes and specific nutrition to create health.

Sara specializes in adrenal fatigue, hormone correction, thyroid disorders and digestive disorders / food allergies.


  • Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
  • Renai Sante Institute of Integrated Medicine
  • Functional Medicine University
  • American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine


  • Brimhall Certified Nutritionist 
  • Level 1 Certified Bach Flowers
  • BodyTalk Provider
About Sara Sideleski
Winnipeg Nutrition Colleen Rempel CHN

Colleen Rempel

Colleen is passionate about helping people live in optimal health through correcting nutritional imbalances and falling in love with high quality whole foods.  She has over seven years of experience coaching individuals to reach their full potential, whether in business or in health.

Colleen specializes in preventative nutrition, sports nutrition, meal planning and digestive disorders / food allergies.


  • Alive Academy
  • University of Calgary
  • University of Manitoba


  • Lean Eating by Precision Nutrition

Charity Funk

Charity Funk — skincare expert, master life and weight coach, budgeting ninja, and business owner — is best known for her passion to inspire and coach women to their highest potential by building a strong foundation on what she refers to as her fundamental “F words of life”: Faith, Fun, Family, Friends, Finances, Field, and Fitness (and of course all things beauty)!

Growing up in the heart of Winnipeg’s North End to a single mother of four, with many life challenges ahead, Charity never let tough times hold her down. Instead, she used every hardship as a learning experience and has since transformed those experiences into a coaching practice. Charity’s practice teaches women how to create inner health and outer beauty, while finding balance and fulfillment in pursuit of their highest potential.

Charity offers 3, 6, 9, and 12-month coaching packages, or as she likes to call it, the “choose your own adventure” of life coaching. With a simple client quiz, she is able to find out which areas are top priorities and pain points for her clients, in order to create a unique, individualized program that suits the needs of each women she works with.


Samantha Boswell

Samantha loves to help women optimally nourish their bodies throughout all stages of fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum. She is passionate about sharing with them how to use their diet for optimal fertility, a thriving pregnancy, to ease common pregnancy symptoms, prepare their body for labor, and support themselves postpartum.


  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition


  • Moms Into Fitness
  • Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist
  • Pre and Post Natal Nutrition Specialist